Established in 2009, the DC Knights of Columbus Charities collaborates with the DC State Council along with local Councils and Assemblies to promote a shared vision of Columbianism throughout the District of Columbia. It is governed by thirteen (13) member board featuring ex-officio members of the DC State Council.

Voting Members of the Board

  • President: George W. Hanna, Sr., FSW, PSD, FDD, FM, PGK, PFN
  • Vice President: Milton P. Harris, FDD, PGK
  • Secretary: James ‘Jim’ Guinivan, KCHS, PGK
  • Treasurer: Peter D. Gervais, PSD, FDD, PGK
  • At-large Members:
    • Gregory Cole, FDD, PGK
    • Thomas L. Jones, FDD, PGK, PFN (State Warden)
    • Joshua R. Bryant, FDD, PGK (State Treasurer)
    • Anthony Diallo, FDD, PGK
    • Everistus Nwagou, PGK
  • Ex-Officio Members:
    • State Deputy: Le N. Nguyen, FDD, PGK, PFN
    • State Chaplain: Rev. Maurice Henry Sands
    • State Secretary: Nicholas S. C. Shields, FDD, PGK, FN
    • Immediate Past State Deputy: Christopher Pierno, PSD, FDD, PGK

Non-Voting Members (Ex-Officio)

  • State Advocate: Ryan P. Mulvey, FDD, PGK