Scholarships for Seminarians

in Honor of Dr. Edward M. Sullivan Past State Deputy of the District of Columbia

Ed served as State Deputy of the District of Columbia and was the progenitor of many of our College Councils, Potomac Council, O’Boyle Council, and many others. Dr. Sullivan participated in countless Degree Teams initiating and forming members of the Order, the Archdiocese of Washington District SK J. Kemp Cook 4th Degree District Choir, on the board of the National Christopher Columbus Association, as the Historian for both the DC State Council, AWD District, and NCCA, as well as serving many other organizations. His greatest impact, however, was with the strong encouragement of so many young (particularly College) Knights to consider a life in service to the Church through the Priesthood and Holy Orders. The DC State Council, in partnership with the DC Knights of Columbus Charities, is accepting donations in honor of Ed for the express purpose of providing seminarians with financial support as they prepare for the priesthood.

DC Knights of Columbus Charities

Seminarian Scholarship in Honor of Ed Sullivan