DC Knights of Columbus Charities and the Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies in the District of Columbia are raising funds in collaboration with the Knights Ultrasound Initiative for an ultrasound machine for the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center serving families in NE and SE Washington, DC. Currently, the Center does not have an ultrasound machine. The sophistication of today’s medical technology provides a “window on the womb.” Even from the early stages of pregnancy, a mother can see her developing child, hear the baby’s heartbeat, and to recognize the miracle of the new life within her. The availability of ultrasound technology has had a powerful impact, as it enriches the bond between mother and child — and father and child — and informs their decision-making about abortion. Ultrasound exams, which are medically indicated throughout pregnancy for a variety of diagnostic reasons, use ultrasound waves to scan a women’s abdomen, creating a picture, or “sonogram,” of the baby in her womb. The Knights Ultrasound Initiative began in January 2009 and initially provided a dozen or so machines that produced images of the unborn. The program has since expanded to all 50 U.S. states, Canada and Jamaica, and employs a range of devices, including the latest three-dimensional technology that allows the mother to see detailed images of her child in real time. The initiative continues to expand and, in recent years, there has been increase in mobile medical units that serve a number of communities by using ultrasound machines the size of a laptop computer. Your 100% Tax-Deductible donation will help provide the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center with the modern technology to monitor the health of babies in utero and to allow mothers to visually experience their development.

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